Service Process


1. Call (770-657-7533) or email us to request a "Design Questionnaire"
2. Fill out the questionnaire as best as you can
3. Fax (770-573-6710) or email it back to us
4. We'll email you a quote
5. Make a 50% down payment to start (if satisfied with quote)
6. We'll email you a design concept in just 3-4 days
7. Review and submit any revisions
8. We complete revisions in 2-3 days and send you a revised draft
9. Once the revised draft is satisfactory, we ask for approval
10. Upon approval, we begin coding an online demo
11. If you paid for content writing, we'll write the content for your website. Otherwise, we place the content you send us.
12. Now that our job is complete, the remaining 50% payment will be due and we release your new website!

REDESIGN PROCESS is exactly the same as our Design Process, however, we will use a "Redesign Questionnaire" instead. Anything you'd like to preserve from your previous design, such as website content, will be placed by our team into your new website after placing it online.


1. If you know what SEO plan you want, you may order it here. Otherwise, please request an SEO Quote.
2. We will email you a short "SEO Questionnaire"
3. Simply reply to the email with your answers
4. If you requested a quote, we will deliver your SEO quote by email and an invoice to get started.
5. That's it! You'll receive weekly traffic reports and detailed campaign reports every month!


If you purchased a web design from us

1. We will configure your website on your hosting account free of charge!
2. Now we will configure your email accounts
3. That's it! You'll be emailed your hosting and email logins

If you have an existing website

1. We will move your website files to your new hosting account. (There may be a small fee involved. If so, will notify you before proceeding.)
2. Once moved, you will have private access to test your website BEFORE the transfer is made public.
3. After confirming everything is working, we will proceed with the transfer. As long as your previous hosting is still active, you should not have downtime.
4. Now we will configure your email accounts
5. That's it! You'll be emailed your hosting and email logins

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