How do I get more clients to my website?

Getting more clients to your website is a full time job! Websites do not simply grow on their own. You must feed them content! The more content your website has, the easier it will be to get more website traffic! However, don't just stick any content on there. The content needs to be relevant to your industry. Any content that is not relevant to your industry is not needed. It's as simple as that. Relevant content is the foundation for a properly structured website. A website needs structure. If you're a customer of ours, surely you've heard us mention how important the structure of your website is. The menu, the content, the blog... it should all flow together. Think of your website as a book with chapters. Your homepage is the index that links to all of the chapters. Each page on your website, other than the homepage, is a chapter. Get it? In short, add lots of relevant content and make sure it's linked properly.

The next thing you will need to grow your website is a monthly SEO service. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. All of our SEO plans include advanced weekly traffic reports, as well as a full report at the end of the month listing most, if not all, of what was accomplished during that month.

Here are a few things our SEO plans accomplish:

1. Link Building
2. Keyword Research
3. Directory Submissions
4. Classified Submissions
5. Local Listings

Many website owners and SEO companies don't realize that link building and directory submissions are the heart of SEO and increasing your website ranking. You can't just optimize a few meta tags, add a bunch of content and then think you are going to start ranking high. Search Engines don't work like that anymore. Don't understand? Try reading How search engines index and rank pages.
Have our consultants provide you a Free SEO Quote for your website today!

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Last but not least, use Social Media to brand your business. It's important to have a unique, professional logo and social media page design. Once you have that, make an effort to post interesting, relevant content to your Social Media pages at least once a week. Our best tip is to post as often as possible, occaisionally advertise your business and it's services. Social Media should be used as a way to entertain and keep your fans updated on your business.

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