eCommerce -

How many products or categories can I have?

UNLIMITED. You can add as many products and categories as you wish. We don't limit your eCommerce website in any way!

How will I know when I get an order?

After a customer purchases, you'll immediately receive a notification by email or text message notifying you of the order!

What features will my store have?

1. Product Reviews
2. Related Products
3. Specials
4. Coupons
5. Newsletter
6. Multiple Product Images
7. Multiple Currencies
8. Product Ratings
9. Downloadable Products
10. Tax Calculation
11. Shipping Calculation
12. Printable Invoices
13. Sales Reports

How easy is the checkout process?

The checkout process is extremely simple. New customers have the choice of quick checkout as a guest or to register an account. If they register, they can login later and check the status of their order or purchase more products without having to fill out their information again.

Will my store be secure?

If hosted with us, your store will be very secure. But it's recommended to secure your store with an SSL certificate. SSL provides your customers assurance that their information is securely encrypted. It also provides the store owner with protection. We offer same day SSL certificates, starting at only $30 per year!