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How can I update my website?

You have a few options. You can have us custom code a simple editing system (aka "CMS") into your website and keep everything SEO friendly. Since the editor is mostly for changing text, if you plan on updating or changing out pictures, you're going to want a WordPress system. This works the same way, however, it allows you to update your website's images and videos a lot easier.

Can you update the website for me?

Of course! Once the website is completed, we'll help keep it updated for you. This is known as Website Maintenance. We charge $45 for 60 minutes of credits. Most updates take 10 to 20 minutes. If you purchased 1 hour, that means you'll have 40-50 minutes left over for other changes. And of course, the credits don't expire!

Who owns the website?

When you purchase a website from us, you are the owner. Once paid for, the webdsite is yours forever, no matter what! We guarantee it. Need reassurance? No problem! For a small fee, we'll even mail you a CD with your entire website on it. That way, no matter what, you'll always retain ownership of your website at all times. On the CD, you'll have all of your website files, images and the login for your domain name. With this information, there's nothing you  lose!

Do you use templates?

Absolutely not! Before starting on your website, we'll ask you to complete a "questionnaire". Using your answers, our graphic design team will start designing your first draft (aka mockup)! After 2-3 days, we'll deliver a 100% unique design for you to review.

How is this different than a month to month website?

Typically, a website paid for by the month is not actually owned by you. Sure they're cheap and easy to get started, but in the end, they aren't yours and they rarely provide any success. With our web design service, you pay a one time fee and it's yours. The source code is yours. The design is yours.

Can I change my website later?

Yes! Your website's design and programming can be changed anytime in the future. We can easily add features, change aspects of the design, update text, etc.

What about my domain name and hosting?

If you have a domain already: We will transfer it to us (if you wish) for free. This includes privacy protection and an additional 1 year added onto your current expiration date!

If you don't have a domain: If you purchased at least a 5 page web design, we will register it for you for free! Otherwise it's only $12.99. Of course you will retain full ownership and should you decide to move, you can transfer the domain without any hassle or additional fee from us. Domain renewals each year are only $12.99.

If you have hosting already: You can cancel your old hosting. If you wish to keep your hosting, there will be an additional $45 transfer fee, as moving your website over to another hosting platform is more work that we have not quoted you for. If you think you can do this yourself, we will deliver the files necessary to do so at no extra charge!

If you don't have hosting: You can purchase hosting from us for just $60 per year! This includes business class cPanel hosting and up to 50 email accounts! All of which are unlimited of course!