POP3 and SMTP settings for Outlook

These directions should work for most recent Microsoft Outlook versions, running on Microsoft Windows 98 and later. Scroll down for screenshots.

Actions to take:

1. Launch Outlook
2. Under "Tools" select "services..."
3. Select "Internet Mail - (your account name)" and click "Properties" to edit your account.
4. On the "General" tab, enter these settings.
5. You might want to re-type the name you would like to refer to this account by.
6. Name: The name you would like to display in the "From" field (i.e. John Doe or ACME Sales)
7. Email address: Alias-you-chose@your-domain-name.com (i.e. john@thedoes.com or sales@acme.com)
8. Click the "Servers" tab and input these settings:
9. Incoming mail (POP) server: pop.your-domain-name.com (i.e. pop.thedoes.com or pop.acme.com)
10. Outgoing mail (SMTP) server: smtp.your-domain-name.com (i.e. smtp.thedoes.com or smtp.acme.com)
11. Account Name: Your full email address: alias-you-chose@your-domain-name.com (i.e. john@thedoes.com or sales@acme.com)
12. Password: password-you-chose (case sensitive)
13. Check the "My server requires authentication" box and click the "settings" button. Make sure the "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" radio button is selected. Click "OK".
14. Press "OK"
15. Press "Close"


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