Social media is quickly becoming a huge part of marketing your business. By utilizing Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, etc. - You have limitless opportunities to market yourself and your brand. Knowing how to properly use these sites to your benefit is very important.

One fact to take into consideration is that social media networks can be used to gain search engine optimization for your website. A few keyword laced posts a month will help, but the more relevant to your company your post is, the better results you get back in return. Don't abbreviate your company name, spell it out. Use keyword phrases that will drive search results in Google, Bing and Yahoo to your Facebook or Google+ page. The more places your company name is out there, the better it is for you and the search engine rankings.

The more company related posts each month you create, the more results you will see. Keeping your company name front and center is what will really get you the results you want.

If you are planning on using social media networks as tools for marketing you should prepare to put some effort into it. Use relevant photos in your post to give it a personalized look. Also, links to related websites will give your posts more substance.

Friday, December 19, 2014

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