Google's latest update, "Pigeon", was released last week! The update was supposedly released to provide more accurate and relevant search results. Good news to SEO professionals, the update also boosts traditional web search ranking signals.

We've noticed improvements within our SEO customers' rankings, especially within the local Google business listings.

Many website owners will notice an improvement in their website traffic, even those previously hurting from the past Google updates. But of course, with good there's always bad. Many websites may notice less traffic and worse rankings.

Good news for business owners with lots of business listings. These are now ranking higher after the Google update! That's because Google has enhanced their distance and location ranking parameters. Just another reason to keep that SEO going!

Overall, with all of these painful updates to Google lately - it's refreshing to see something good for providers and customers performing Search Engine Optimization!

Monday, July 28, 2014

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